Home Watch Service

We Are Here To Serve You

We provide home checks for homes that are vacant due to:

  • Vacations or short get away.

  • Snow birds, World Trekking or Long term vacations

  • Family Emergencies.

  • Elderly Relatives moved in to Short or Long Term Care Facilities.

  • Military Deployment

  • Vacant Properties Pending Sale

  • Homes in Probate

  • In Between Tenancies.

Our Home Watch checklist includes:


  • Review overall condition of exterior
  • Inspect for signs of damage or vandalism
  • Ensure all windows, doors and screening are locked, secure and free of damage
  • Pick up any papers or flyers in the yard
  • Clean up any trash and debris
  • Pick up mail
  • Make sure exterior lighting is functioning
  • Check pool and spa water levels and cleanliness
  • Check landscaping and lawn care for proper maintenance
  • Ensure your outside service providers are doing their job
  • Ensure security system is functioning properly
  • Ensure garage door is functioning properly
  • Ensure water is turned off to house
  • Extreme weather (on scheduled visit) check for any damage to the outside property
  • Drainage check in heavy rain & hail storms
  • Watering of outdoor plants (additional charge may be applied depending on plant requirements)


  • Ensure doors and windows are locked
  • Security & Alarm System Check
  • Doors & Windows locked – Evidence of any forced entry?
  • Water tank check
  • Boiler, in floor heat
  • Mechanical room check – water leaks, odors, unusual sound
  • Electrical Panel –   reset of electrical appliances & breakers if necessary
  • Thermostat check
  • Check for signs of insects or pests
  • Check around sinks, toilets and hot water heater for signs of leaks
  • Flush toilets, and run water in sinks, showers and tubs (if water not turned off)
  • Check Furnace, humidistat and A/C
  • Ensure refrigerator/freezer is running properly
  • Look for any signs of water leaks in walls and ceilings
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Water indoor plants if required
  • Blinds Adjustments
  • Rotation of lights
  • Proper lock up

Why Are We The Best?

As a team we want to be your superhero and make things EASY!

We are about keeping your belongings SAFE.

While your place is vacant or you are under duress we want you to have NO FEAR.

Whether involved in a re-modeling project, or just need someone to be at your home when maintenance people are scheduled, we are there for you!

Let us spend the time arranging activities, making reservations, and digging up information you want so you can make use of the best LIFE has to offer.

Have no fear,

The Great Attenders are here!

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The Great Attenders: You step out and We Step in

When you need a helping hand for security, we are are here to help.
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