Our Approach

As a team we want to be your superhero and make things EASY!

We are about keeping your belongings SAFE.

While your place is vacant or you are under duress we want you to have NO FEAR.

We will look after your home while you are away. Did you know, by today’s insurance standards you have to have your home checked every two to three days depending on your insurance company.

The good deeds we want to service you with will get you out of dire situations. We are your concierge

Have no fear, The Great Attenders are here!

Our Story

OK.. Our business idea is NEW, BUT WE ARE NOT.. As a team we have been in business for over 50 years. As the founders, we are all from Calgary and enjoy giving back to our community. As superhero’s we have been with groups including, Shamrock Children’s Christmas Fund, Kids Cancer Care, Big Brother, Big Sisters, SAIT, Community Associations, Branch Out Foundation.. and many more.

Here is a video of us at the 60Km Walk for Cancer

Pink Panthers Cancer Walk

Through business we have serviced many people to ensure they succeed in their ventures. Today, we are coming to service you so you can enjoy your time away from home or enjoy it at home during those busy times!

Meet The Team

 Lynda Binder


Lynda Binder was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta into a family of eight girls. Yes it was hectic at times but the family worked well together to make sure they had awesome family memories. Lynda is happily married, has two children and four grandchildren. She understands the importance of family time.

Lynda is a graduate of accounting and business, and used that education to run a very successful business. Lynda worked in Real Estate for eighteen years and in that time she dedicated herself to her clients. As a result most of her business became repeat and referral. It was clear to Lynda’s clients that she always kept their best interest at heart, always searching for buyers to get the right property to fit their needs, or made sure sellers homes showed better than the competition.

Family, clients and friends are very important to Lynda but that didn`t stop her from putting countless hours into many Calgary charities. Lynda worked in various capacities on the Board of Douglasdale Estates Community Association more than 12 years. Lynda also worked on the Aunts and Uncles at Large Board and helped with many fundraisers including Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Children’s Miracle Network, Shamrock Children’s Christmas Fund, and SAIT.   When Lynda is not helping someone she likes to golf, curl, dance, cook for her family and friends, and go for long walks.

As one of the founders of “The Great Attenders” Lynda can continue her mission in helping people with their needs.  People need help in relocating, de-cluttering, house sitting, someone to check your home while you are on vacation, or just simply run errands, this is why “The Great Attenders” came to be. Let “The Great Attenders” take the juggling out of your life.

Pam Taylor


Pam Taylor, a native Calgarian, is one of eight sisters, yes their mom and dad were truly super hero’s. Pam and her late husband Bob enjoyed “most” of the challenges a blended family brings. Pam has 5 sons, 9 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren and knows how hectic life can be.

Pam was a Real Estate and personal assistant for 15 years. One of the things Pam and Lynda have enjoyed doing over the years they worked together, is to host a number of events, such as client parties, family events (which could be upwards of 100 people) and community events.

Pam also did contract work for a number of other realtors, as time permitted.

Pam’s career included 3 years as a licensed Real Estate Agent and  ten years in the insurance industry both as an agent and an underwriter. Pam and Lynda have been successfully hosting two air-bnbs in Calgary since August 2017.

Pam had the opportunity to live several places around the world and fortunate enough to have experienced several different cultures.   She has lived in Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, USA, and throughout Canada

Pam has volunteered with a number of organizations over the years, such as the Hospital in Lodi California. Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Cancer Care, and Shamrock Children’s Christmas Fund.

As one of the co-founders of “The Great Attenders” Pam is very excited to be able to continue to help people with their various needs. She believes her past work and personal experiences combined with her strong work ethic and integrity lends itself perfectly to ensure that when our clients are away from home, or we helping them through stressful times, they can have the peace of mind that their affairs in Calgary are being dealt with, as directed by the client, in a professional way.

Launa Germiquet


Launa Germiquet is a seasoned corporate communications professional and communications strategist. With over 20 years of experience working with venture companies around the world, her talents have helped many organizations to develop strong branding and integrated marketing communications. She also enjoys staying on top of new technology trends and connecting with social media.

Her journey to coaching began with her desire to facilitate personal and professional development beyond communications and marketing plans. Launa is a Certified Master Coach and Certified Reflex Condition Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation, as well as a Big Growth Business Coach. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her dedication to you, unwavering.

On her own journey through life-changing health challenges, Launa realized that her true passion was in connecting with people on a deeper level. Understanding that having a serious, or chronic illness impacts not just the individual, but families and friends as well. This is the key to her coaching/concierge approach. Launa enjoys volunteering and has reached out with the Shamrock Children’s Christmas Fund, BranchOut Foundation, Cancer Weekend to End Breast Cancer,  Kids Sports, and many more.

Even if you are not experiencing major health issues, just feeling stuck in life often requires a road map to find the way to being in flow. Her strategic planning skills are an asset, and will certainly facilitate creating a pathway to success.

Choosing Launa’s personalized coaching/concierge service is your first step to achieving a completely rejuvenated life!

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