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Lynda Binder
Lynda BinderCo-Founder
As one of the co-founders of “The Great Attenders” Lynda continues her mission in helping people with their needs. People need help in relocating, de-cluttering, house sitting, someone to check your home while you are on vacation, or just simply run errands, this is why “The Great Attenders” came to be. Let “The Great Attenders” take the juggling out of your life.
Pam Taylor
Pam TaylorCo-Founder
As one of the co-founders of “The Great Attenders” Pam is very excited to be able to continue to help people with their various needs. She believes her past work and personal experiences combined with her strong work ethic and integrity lends itself perfectly to ensure that when you are away from home, or need a helping hand, you can have peace of mind that your affairs in Calgary are being dealt with in a professional way.
Launa Germiquet
Launa GermiquetCo-Founder
As one of the co-founders of “The Great Attenders” Launa shows her true passion in connecting with people. She understands the importance of value, trust and happiness. This is the key to her coaching/concierge approach. Choosing The Great Attenders’ service is your first step to achieving a completely rejuvenated life!

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The Great Attenders will be your personal assistant to make your life flow easier. We want to ensure you enjoy life when you are home and your home stays safe when you are on vacation.

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